Social Media Policy

The intended purpose of hg8868皇冠下载 social media sites is to serve as a mechanism of communication between the company and its customers. Submission of comments by members of the public constitutes participation in a limited public forum. A comment posted by a member of the public on any hg8868皇冠下载 social media and/or online site is the opinion of the commentator or poster only, and publication of the comment does not imply endorsement of, 或者同意, hg8868皇冠下载, nor do such comments necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of hg8868皇冠下载.

进一步, the social media sites on this p年龄 are hg8868皇冠下载’s only official company presence in social media. While many of our employees also use these sites, official company voices are found only on this p年龄.

hg8868皇冠下载 supports the following guidelines in our use of social media and expects our visitors to do the same. Please review our guidelines prior to commenting on hg8868皇冠下载 social media content.
Comments that do not adhere to the following guidelines will be removed from the social media site.

Please do not submit content that includes the following:

  • Content that is illegal, 淫秽, 粗俗的, 进攻, 威胁, 诽谤, 诽谤的, 诽谤的, 可恶的, 虐待, 色情, 亵渎, 色情, indecent or embarrassing to any other person or entity, or otherwise restricts or inhibits any other user from using and enjoying the social media site;
  • Content that is harassing or discriminatory on the basis of any class protected by federal, 状态, 或者当地法律, 包括种族, color, 年龄, 宗教, 性, 婚姻状况, 资深地位, genetic information, 国家的起源, 身体或精神残疾, 性取向, 或性别认同/表达;
  • Solicitation, including but not limited to, advertising of any business or product for sale;
  • 从事或鼓励非法活动的;
  • Information that may tend to compromise the safety or security of the public or public systems;
  • Comments not topically related to the particular social medium thread or topic or article being commented upon;
  • Comments in support of or opposition to political campaigns or ballot measures of any kind;
  • Conduct that violates any federal, 状态, 或者当地法律;
  • Content that is invasive of privacy, injurious or objectionable to third parties;
  • Content that is fraudulent or otherwise constitutes or contains false, inaccurate or misleading indications of origin, 背书:事实的背书或陈述;
  • Content that violates, 剽窃, misappropriates or infringes the rights of third parties including, 但不限于, copyright, 商标, 商业秘密, 保密, 合同, 专利, rights of privacy or publicity or any other intellectual property or proprietary right;
  • 含有病毒或恶意软件的内容;
  • Content that consists of or contains e-mail addresses, 电话号码, physical addresses or other forms of personal or contact information;
  • Comments for which you were compensated or provided any consideration by any third party;
  • or

  • Comments that identify any specific person, including any employees of hg8868皇冠下载.

所有的信息张贴到这个网站, including comments and the identities of those submitting for posting, 是否须向公众披露. A post or comment that asks hg8868皇冠下载 to provide public records will not be considered a public records request.

hg8868皇冠下载 social media sites may contain posts which include hyperlinks to other web p年龄s. hg8868皇冠下载 guarantees neither the authenticity, 精度, 任何超链接的适当性和安全性, 网站, or content linked thereto.